The Good the Bad and Ugly: A Tribute
In 1966, a masterpiece of film was released to the world. It single handedly ushered in a new era of cinema and introduced the world to the
The Day Fashion Made Us Normal
Sitting across from Jerry in the iconic New York diner, a balding George dressed in a red polo shirt and light-wash jeans that were standard ’90s
Elaenia: The Fusion Future of Music
Ever since the MP3 made music easily accessible, the track has remained king over the once all mighty album. Rarely do listeners take the time sit
A Robot is Going to Take Your Job…and You’re Going to Thank It
A casual stroll through the popular science section at a Barnes and Noble today and you’ll notice an influx in titles relating to our future with
A Defense of the Premium Apps
Recently the music discovery service was purchased by LifeLock in a completely unexpected deal earlier this week. Unless you closely follow
The Need for a New Programming Paradigm
I recently had the pleasure of tutoring a new programmer through a college programming class. The class covered some intermediate constructs from
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